This is the story of an American who calls himself Corbin Dodge. He is freshly out of prison after 4 years for a crime he didn't commit and is traveling abroad for the first time, living with the only friend who stayed by him who now lives in Japan. But on top of that Corbin Dodge is a very powerful wizard - one of the last of his kind - and he is about to be wrapped up in events he could have never anticipated in a land with traditions much older than those in his homeland.

Of course, this begs a couple of questions. Why, if he is so powerful, did he allow himself to remain in prison? Why, if he is so powerful, is he still going by the same identity he used before his arrest? Even more importantly, is he in Japan by choice or because he has been drawn here by forces he does not yet understand?

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This is Corbin Dodge, the hero of our story. He was born and raised in the United States and until this week has never left his home nation. He has come to Japan to start his life over after a stint in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He is also a wizard, and although he looks to be in his twenties he is actually much older. Alas, we can't tell you much more than that about him yet - not until we get some more plot along. I will give you a hint though. The title of the comic has a lot to do with it. This is his clean-shaven and slightly altered look. He has a beard when we first meet him.


This lovely lady is Tanaka Kauro (田中馨), the female lead. She is a police officer who lives in the same building where Ken and Yoko (see below) live. She and Yoko have been friends since middle school. She is following in her father's footsteps as far as career goes and has lived in the same neighborhood her entire life. She is going to change Corbin's life, and he hers.



This is Yamashita Ken (山下ケン). He's still getting used to the idea that he uses his family name first because he was born in the United States and only moved to Japan 4 years ago, where he works as a studio musician and composer and met and married Yoko. He and Corbin were friends back in Los Angeles before Corbin got arrested and he's the only friend who stuck by him, believing in his declared innocence. Corbin and Ken were in a band together, and he is one of the few people alive who knows about Corbin's magical abilities.



Yamashita Yoko (山下誉子) is Ken's wife and the landlord of the apartment building where they all live. She and Yoko are close friends, and she has helped to civilize the wilder aspects of her husband's life. We haven't learned much about her yet, but she runs a strict household and has a wicked sense of humor.



<== Hmm... just who is this woman? She just shows up out of the blue in chapter 3, and it's obvious that she knows Corbin from somewhere in his past. This could be a problem.




 We only meet Kit briefly in chapter 6, when she pulls Kitsune away from the Hospital. She appears to be one of the people that our mystery blonde also works for. I imagine she will be important in the future.






This is Kitsune, who should not be confused with Kit. This is the witch who fought with Corbin in chapters 5 and 6.Tends to not follow orders, we suspect...


So far we have only seen Ahmet here in chapter 3. He works for the same people that Kitsune does. I would bet you that we will see him again.






This is kercheng, the person responsible for all of the artwork you see on this site. You can see his deviant art page by clicking the "Gallery" link at the top of the page.  He is Jewelry Maker and was an Amateur comicker. In the past he was (and still is) in editor of comicc book and Animator in tiny studio. He met Animeraider when he was fishing for an artist in a forum about manga, and he passed the audition. He also has a history of working with Dojinshi in Thailand.




This is the Animeraider (aka Chris Reed) who wrote the story and writes most of the dialogue in the strip. He is a life-long Otaku as the son of an animator - having seen his first Japanese Anime in the 1960s. He can't draw worth a damn, but he is an award-winning musician and producer with several albums out (see his music website by clicking here), has writte two novels, and has an anime collection that ranks among the world's largest. He speaks Japanese fluently and is married with two children. You can find him on facebook here and he generally accepts all friend requests. Be warned though - he's not quiet. The 20th Life of Corbin Dodge is his first comic.



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