Chapter 13, page 26 - April 14, 2016

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Animeraider sez:  So we're at the end of chapter 13 and in the previous 12.5 chapters (look in the archive - there is a .5 chapter) out tradition has been to have one end page for kercheng and one for me. kercheng's page ran last update and now it's my turn. However, I have a new job and have been working hard on a new album and quite frankly I can't draw (see previous chapter ends for proof) so instead I am posting a picture from a Doujin originally drawn by kercheng and turned into a silly and stupid parody by yours truly that was a cross between Aria the Animation and Black Lagoon. We ran the entire thing for nearly half a year with a new update every day as vote incentives. Fun times.

Animeraider sez (more): Anyway, the picture above was an end-cap from the third chapter of that run. We'd used tis little chibi character before - once as part of Occupy Wall Street and once in tribute to Charles Schultz. This time I was listening to the Rush Album "Clockwork Angels" a lot and used a lyric from a song called "The Breakers" for this installment. That said, I no longer remember why I put in that "not eating" comment up there. Let's assume I was witty. I always assume that

Animeraider sez (the dude just won't shut up today!): At any rate, I want to thank all of you who have stuck with us over the years while we flush the story out as well as those of you who have jumped on for the ride along the way. Believe it or not, we have a lot of story mapped out. There's rock and roll, ghosts, lots of magic, tragic pasts of more than one of our characters, drama, bad puns and jokes, and maybe even a ninja or two. Hard to tell with ninjas - they are masters of disguise after all.

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