It's been 15 chapters and 5+ years since kercheng and I started this comic. To say that a lot has happened would be an understatement. To say that there is still a lot of story left would be simplifying things. We have so much more planned for the comic but how we present it to you is going to change somewhat. We've been running an experiment over the past few months. Some of you may have noticed that the comic now appears on the Tapastic and Webtoons platforms. Thanks to our appearances there, we have gained a lot of readers.
In fact, we have more readers on those sites than we do here. Admittedly, we've been running updates more often, but now that all three sites are up to about the same page it's time to expand. We want to do more comics, more updates, and more story, but finding the time to do so takes away from our ability to support ourselves. So we're asking for help, in micro-form. Yes, we're jumping into the world of having a Patreon page.
We're still going to update twice a week, just as we always have. But our Patreon readers will get first look at the comics - as much as a week ahead. There will also be levels of support where you can get access to extra art, rough sketches and thumbnails, and other types of things that kercheng and I work on away from this comic strip., like access to a detective story I'm working on, music, and other artwork by kercheng. If we get enough support, we'll update three times a week - or maybe even more if the money gets good enough.
We're in the process of getting this all set up, and will start with chapter 16, The Old Neighborhood Part 3. We're going to have some filler for the next couple of weeks while we get this all up and running, and then we'll resume the comic same as always. Readers on Tapastic, Webtoons, and corbindodge.com will still get their updates twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays - just a week behind the Patrons.
Details about the Patreon page and everything else is forthcoming, so stay tuned!
(Yes, we are working on the next chapter. As evidenced by the drawing below... from a previous chapter... sorry. No spoilers!)


Chapter 15, page 30 - December 27, 2016

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