Animeraider sez:  This was supposed to go up a week ago. Then in the space of 4 hours there were two deaths in my immediate circle and everything got put on hold. I'm not going to go into that, but let's just accept that my personal life got crazy busy. Funny thing is, the previous page was the end of the chapter. Regular update will resume shortly! Thanks for your patience.

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News: Because many of our old picture files were on Photobucket and because they decided to start charging a small fortune so that you could see the pictures, the archives and previous pages have been moved to Tapas and Webtoons. check out the Archive Page (link at the top of the page) if you need or want to re-read anything!

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Older News: We're getting ready to do some enhancements to the site, including that we will soon start accepting donations in order to increase the number of story updates we do. In addition, as some of you have pointed out, there are some broken links if you read the story from page to page - especially in chapter 2. I'm working on fixing those. If you're trying to read the whole story so far and you run into this, use the archive page. No pages are missing - I just have to fix the links.

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